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Join The Hunt 🪓

Recruiting bounty hunters to hunt down 5,555 algorithmically generated, cheeky otters on the loose on the Solana Blockchain!

You can identify them by their juvenile smile & annoying sound




The Search for the Kingpin

Ottham City is out of control, these Juvenile otters are out in the wild creating chaotic capers. We are recruiting Bounty hunters to capture all of these creatures before they cause more havoc.​
Each otter is assembled from over 100 hand-drawn attributes, from unique headgear, teeth and clothing. All of them display that juvenile, cheeky smile that will make you want to showcase them to the world, but will irritate other otters. 
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The Most Precious Drug in Ottham City

There is a hot new drug in Ottham City, and we all know these ominous creatures are all over it. The OCPD will not stand by this and let young otters ruin their lives. We'll need you to keep a lookout for anyone dealing this.
Blue sago is part of the Masago drug family, originally considered an impure low quality recreational drug that is snorted by these degenerates. The blue sago variant showed up in recent months and has taken the market by storm. 
It is the purest form of the masago drug with 99.1%  pure beluga fish eggs, and is considered providing much better high. 

"Bluesago is a hell of a drug"

- Some junkie otter, probably


Blood Feuds

Since the dawn of civilization, each otter belongs to one of the 5 families and can be identified by their unique backgrounds. marked by the different flowers that are significant to each family. 
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Bounty Hunters, Otter Keepers & More

The Great Hunt is just the beginning of an exciting journey for otters & bounty hunters alike - the OCPD has big plans for the future. 
🪓 The Great Hunt

Its the day we've all been waiting for. Its time to hunt these cheeky bastards down!! We will be announcing the mint price closer to D-Day to make sure a fair deal to our bounty hunters.

📈 Listing & Reveals

These bad boys will be up for sale, we'll be listing them on your favorite NFT market places....rarities will be announced and the truth behind Ottham City's notorious kingpin will be revealed.

💊 Rations

We will be distributing bounties to our hunters in the form of $RATIONS. $RATIONS will be an important part for you to interact with the whole otter family. More details will come as we finish the construction of the Juvenile Den...

⚔️ A War is Coming......

40% of our royalties will be pooled for gang wars. Which family will take the prize every week?


Join our Discord to learn more!


Head Honchos & Mob Bosses

Some otters are higher up in the ranks of their respective families, and we at the OCPD will want to map out their entire organizations after we catch em' all & find out who are the heads of the families. We will publish the results for all bounty hunters to see - stay tuned! 
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Your Otter Hunting Guide

Here at the OCPD, we want to provide as much guidance as possible so our collective bounty hunt will be a success. If your questions aren't answered in this section, don't be afraid to shoot as an email or get involved in our Discord #NoOtterLeftBehind
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Humans & Otters working together


Mareonina Sulkiman

Artist/Marine Biologist/Human

The heart & soul of our valiant party, Sulkiman has studied these juvies for years and have provided the most updated research & sketches for us to complete our mission successfully. 

👮‍♂️ Ottham City Police Department



Norse God



Pompous Ass


Otter Van Bismarck



Harry Otter




Humble Tavern Owner

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